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Government Contracting CPAsIndustry Experience

We realize that the government contracting industry is extremely specialized and requires a unique understanding of the applicable accounting principles, tax laws and regulatory issues. These can only be fully understood and applied by well-earned experience.

Martinez & Associates CPAs has acquired in-depth experience in the government contracting industry through serving various clients in the industry over the past fifteen years. Over the years our firm has established a niche expertise within the industry that has helped set us apart from other firms. To ensure we can provide our clients with up to date advice our firm is active in government contracting associations ensuring we are abreast of all of the latest industry developments that may affect our clients. In addition, our staff actively monitors the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), Cost Accounting Standards Board (CASB) and Defense Contractor Audit Agency (DCAA) agendas ensuring our staff is up to date with the latest regulations and our clients are in compliance. Personal references and testimonials can be furnished upon request.

Benefits of adding Martinez & Associates CPAs As Part Of Your Team:

In your decision making process please consider the following benefits of making Martinez & Associates CPAs your accountants and trusted business advisors:

  • Over forty years of experience servicing the Central Florida community.
  • Over fifteen years of experience in the government contracting industry.
  • Commitment to excellence and providing our clients with the highest level of service possible.
  • Passionate about securing our clients’ financial future. Serving our client's interests is truly our top priority.
  • Our team stays abreast of the ever changing government contracting industry providing you with up to date advice and ensuring that your organization is in compliance with the multitude of regulatory issues.
  • Partner, manager, supervisor and staff assigned to your project will be involved from the start to finish.
  • Our team maintains year round contact with all of our clients regardless of the project duration ensuring timely and effective communication which leads to sound business decisions.
  • Our firm provides a concierge service for all other business needs (at no charge to our clients).
  • Regular newsletters to help you and your staff stay informed about compliance issues as they arise.
  • Our firm hosts executive roundtables with other business professionals and organizations directly involved in the government contracting industry to meet, interact and share ideas that we can pass along to our clients…our “learning together” program.

Our desire is to become your organization's accountants and trusted business advisors. We are confident once we gain your trust we will never have to ask for it again. Our main objective in serving your organization is to help your organization successfully accomplish its mission and goals. Martinez & Associates CPAs is certain that your organization will find our services to be of great value and we look forward to working with your organization.

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