About The Firm


About The Firm

Martinez and Associates is one of Orlando's top public accounting firms with a commitment to quality and personalized service to our clients for over forty years. Our firm was founded on one unchanging principle "The success of our clients is our only goal".

Martinez and Associates strive to provide services to our clients in order to meet their goals and expectations. Our team of talented staff offers a full array of assurance, accounting, taxation and consulting services on a personal level. One way we provide such services is to partner with various organizations that may benefit our clients. We leverage our relationships to provide value above and beyond standard accounting and tax services traditionally provided by accounting firms. The key to our success is our people and their commitment to accomplish these goals. Our firm has a simple purpose—to share the values and qualifications of our firm and staff with the top privately-owned companies in Central Florida.


Firm History

The Firm of Martinez and Associates represents a longstanding history of client service. Located in our newly acquired office building in Winter Springs, the firm has been serving clients for over forty years. In a recent survey conducted by the Orlando Business Journal, Martinez and Associates was ranked among the top accounting firms in Central Florida. Our partners and managers have many years of experience with national and local firms focused on professional services, hi-tech, manufacturing, construction, engineering, automobile dealerships, simulation, non-profit organizations, and professional services firms.

A feature unique to our Firm is the regular involvement of senior professionals in your work. The ratio of “partner/manager to staff” is much higher here than in most other firms. The benefit for your organization is that routine issues are addressed by more senior and experienced professionals.

Our Firm is a member of both the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants (FICPA). Our personnel have served on and are involved in various industry committees and conduct training seminars for various industries.


Peer Review

Martinez and Associates participates in the peer review program sponsored by the AICPA. A peer review consists of an examination of the Firm’s quality control system by an independent CPA and includes a review of the Firm’s operating procedures, interviews with selected Firm personnel to ascertain that they understand their roles in the Firm’s quality control system, review of continuing education records, review of professional and industry compliance standards, and review of financial statements and engagement files for all levels of service, including financial statement audits. The Firm’s most recent peer review in 2018 resulted in an unqualified report, which is the highest grade a firm can receive. This underscores the Firm’s continuing commitment to overall quality.


Benefits of Hiring Martinez & Associates

In your decision-making process please consider the following benefits of hiring our firm:

  • Innovative solutions and proactive planning specifically tailored for each client.
  • Over forty years of experience servicing the Central Florida community.
  • Focused on providing services to business clients in various for-profit and non-profit industries.
  • Commitment to delivery on schedule.
  • Partner, manager, senior and staff assigned to your project will be involved from start to finish.
  • Year-round engagement process aimed at communicating throughout the year.
  • Providing a concierge service for all other business needs (at no charge to our clients).
  • Regular newsletters to help you and your staff stay informed about compliance issues as they arise and to provide you with information on planning opportunities in advance.
  • Executive roundtables for senior staff to meet and interact with other business professionals…our “learning together” program.

In conclusion, our desire is to become a business partner with your organization. We are confident that you will find our services to be of great value and we look forward to working with you.


Our Approach

We feel our strongest characteristic is the quality of our staff. We seek, hire and maintain the best-qualified staff available to our Firm. We have included the biographies of the shareholders and managers who are involved in each engagement. Each of our clients deserves a properly leveraged engagement team to enhance a high level of service while maintaining fees at an appropriate level. The level of individuals assigned to the engagement team is as follows:

  • Engagement Partner - will have complete responsibility for all work performed. He will participate in planning, attend client meetings and review all significant issues with the engagement team to enable our Firm to sign the completed work.
  • Managers - will maintain continuous contact with the engagement team through a review of working papers, supervision of senior and staff accountants and meetings with client personnel. In addition, they will be responsible for working with the engagement partner and in the overall administration of the engagement.
  • Senior Staf- will be responsible for the day-today supervision of the engagement. On the basis of the staff’s experience and abilities, the senior will assign various portions of the work to the staff and monitor their performance.

Staff Qualifications

Martinez and Associates has professionals at the partner, manager, senior and staff levels. Each of the Firm’s professionals have been selected through a rigorous process, including multiple personal interviews and reference checks, to help ensure that the Firm employs the most highly qualified personnel.

The Firm has a professional development plan for each of its employees, which is updated annually during evaluation sessions with the Managing Partner. In addition, each professional is required to attend at least forty (40) hours of continuing professional education annually. The Firm also monitors compliance with the continuing professional education and other licensure requirements of the Florida Board of Accountancy for all certified public accountants.

Awards and Credentialing